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We have at our guests disposal the largest hotel playground "Bajkolandia". Here you can give your children protection and enjoy their free time.


1. Leave outerwear and children's footwear in cupboards,

2. All children play in socks, tights or slippers,

3. Guardians enter the playroom without footwear,

4. Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety of children using the playroom,

5. Children can use all the attractions of the playroom only under the supervision of at least one adult,

6. Before playing, empty your pockets of items that may get lost or damaged,

7. For the duration of play, all items that threaten safe play should be left in the cabinet or at the guardian's (watches, glasses, belts with sharp buckles),

8. It is forbidden to eat meals outside the designated area.

9. It is prohibited to conduct any behavior that may affect the safety of participants (beating, head down, jumping off the slide, pushing accompanying persons, taking out items of equipment, consuming alcoholic beverages),

10. Parents or guardians are responsible for any damage to persons or property caused by the child,

11. A ban on bringing drinks and food from outside,

12. We are not responsible for items lost or left behind,

13. Parents can stay in the playroom with their children,

14. Parents may leave a child under our care after completing the relevant documents,

15. We don't give medicine,

16. We do not accept sick children,

17. A maximum of 60 children can be on the structure at the same time,

Please be advised that while playing there is a risk of minor injuries: bruises, abrasions, scratches


close to Gdynia harbour

Willa Pieńkowskich
ul. Ks. Gabriela Władysławskiego 14, 81-259 Gdynia

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